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....will promote sportsmanship, fair play and teamwork as they provide leadership for all Spyder Hockey players via their daily conduct in the rink.

....will discuss the importance of good conduct and behavior in all players.

....will not verbally abuse coaches, players, game officials, Spyder staff or other spectators. A zero tolerance policy towards this behavior is in effect at all times.

....will not argue with or confront coaches, players and or Spyder staff in front any other party in public and will refrain from doing so in front of any youth hockey player at all times.

....will allow at least 24 hours to pass prior to making contact with any Spyder Hockey player, parent, coach and or team official to discuss their concerns should they take issue with any decision or action by any of those individuals.


....will work equally hard in instruction and actual competition.

....will keep in mind the code of the true sportsman "Fair play in word and deed". Fight a fair fight, a clean contest. Cooperate with and encourage your teammates.

....will arrive promptly and prepared for all meetings, practice sessions, training sessions and games.

....will discuss the rules covering conduct and behavior with their parents.

....will not verbally or physically abuse coaches, game officials, Spyder staff or other players. A zero tolerance policy is in effect in accordance with the Hockey code of ethics

....will conduct themselves in a cooperative and respectful manner. Any unbecoming conduct will be cause for suspension from the Spyder Hockey program. Any such suspension and its parameters shall be established by the executive committee.

....Spyder Hockey offers multiple level Select Tournament Teams. The two program system allows for more roster positions and thus more opportunities for players to participate in the Spyder Spring Hockey Program.

....Competitive Select teams are single birth year format. By example, the Squirt Minor is the 2010 birth year and Squirt Major the 2009 birth year. There will be two Spyder Select Squirt teams with each populated entirely by single birth years.

....Mixed birth year teams are normal dual year format.  For example, A Squirt team roster would field players from the 2009 & 2010 birth years.

....Spring Season begins March 2019 and ends June  2019.


..will provide leadership and promote good sportsmanship by, for, and with players, parents and all Spyder Hockey Staff.

....will provide players with the opportunity to learn the game of hockey and improve their on ice skills in a fun, positive environment.

....will make clear to parents and players all goals and expectations for players as part of the Spyder Hockey organization.

....will supply to team members and parents direction and rules regarding accountability.

....will never exhibit any behavior that is physically or emotionally abusive.

....will clearly explain the reason for any disciplinary action.


About  Spyder Selects Hockey
 Spyder Hockey a Spring development program for players desiring to improve and develop skills along side and against players with the same or  similar attitudes, desires and goals.

....will offer constant skill development, tactical comprehension, improved physical performance and athleticism. These are  measures of success, not just winning.
....will teach discipline, teamwork and sportsmanship while providing each player with the best hockey education possible.

....will encourage and enforce rules of fair play and respect for teammates, opponents and officials.

....will provide a fun rink environment while promoting team harmony and we will strive to improve and enhance our Spring Development Program.

Randy Velischek
Hockey Director